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Ask the Expert (Research Focus): YOPD - Experiences of Sex and Relationships
Parkinson's Victoria is pleased to present the new online webinar series, Ask The Expert, with a research focus.

Each session will feature a respected leader in their field discussing a topic of interest related to living with Parkinson’s.

Topic: YOPD - Experiences of Sex and Relationships
Speaker: Lewis Johnstone (Monash University)

Hear Monash University PhD candidate Lewis Johnstone provide an insight into his research looking at the experiences of sex and relationships for people with Young Onset Parkinson's. Last year Lewis spoke to a number of people with YOPD about sex and relationships after diagnosis. His research looked into how social, cultural, economic and geographical factors influence a person’s adjustment to sexuality and relationships after a YOPD diagnosis.
The findings from his studies are due to be published later this year.
Lewis' current research explores the life courses of those with Parkinson's and the relationship between past, present and future ideas of personhood and identity.

This presentation discusses how the body interacts within broader cultural systems, the cultural imaginary of what sex is and the wider concerns that were presented by the research participants diagnosed with YOPD.

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