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Young Onset Maurice Blackburn Series - Understanding Your Rights at Work
Being proactive in planning and decision making can protect you and those you love and help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with an uncertain future after a Young Onset Parkinson’s diagnosis.

The first step is to build your knowledge. That is where our Young Onset Parkinson’s webinar series, developed in partnership with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, can assist. The series focuses on issues relevant to people with Young Onset Parkinson's. In this session, we discuss employment rights.

As the symptoms of Parkinson’s progress it can impact how you do a wide range of things including work. That doesn’t always mean you have to stop work before you are ready, or that your employer can dismiss you if you need adjustments to your role.

It is important to understand your rights in the workplace, including when you might disclose your condition, what your employer should do to keep you in your job, and what your options are if you experience discrimination in the workplace.

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